Escape from Middle Earth

Some randominity for a Wednesday.  You never know . . .

The Dead Trees—Back to L.A.

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Wild Nothing—Chinatown

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“4.5 stars, minus one half for lacking bathroom and hand washing facilities. Otherwise this is one of the coolest parks in the area!” Oh, my bad! That was a review for a park in Torrance, CA, where I was raised!

Rocketship Park—Fast Friends

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David Berkeley—Willis Avenue Bridge

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No one would mistake Kemper Crabb for a modern man, and this is to his credit.  You might mistake him for a medieval man born 700 years too late.  His musical stylings are enough to evidence that fact.  You might also mistake him for a Renaissance man.  His breadth of knowledge and variety of skills are enough to evidence that fact.

Relquarium (Kemper Crabb)—Near the Cross

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(michael) jason corder began devising sonic schemes in the womb by performing on the uterus wall to cope with the intense darkness.  he finally forged an escape plan in 1977 and upgraded his musical medium to a sterling kitchen floor kit.  many years later during the dark ages of the 386/amiga, jason retired the cutlery to began forging into the vast void of 8bit tracking.

Offthesky (the beautiful nowhere)—whittling you little lights

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