Little Scream – Laurel Sprengelmeyer

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Little Scream—Heron and the Fox

Little Scream—Cannons


LITTLE SCREAM’S MUSIC is—like her moniker—full of perfectly satisfying contradictions. It is at once familiar and completely distinct; effortlessly absorbing multiple genres into a sparkly and cohesive landscape. From her early days performing with a battered acoustic guitar through a cigarette amp, to her current multi-layered solo act typically combined with a rotating band of all-star musicians; one thing remains true for Little Scream: things are always done in her own weird and wonderful way. Read Much More at Facebook

~ by castleqwayr on June 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Little Scream – Laurel Sprengelmeyer”

  1. Hello my name is Danny Fingers from Danny Fingers and the Thumbs. I can’t find where to submit my music to you guys. But, if you check out the blog my music is featured this week and is the first thing that pops up. if you have any interest please email me thanks!!

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