The Glass Canoe – Chimera

A nearly ambient soundtrack to a dream.  There are barely discernible vocals that guide and bewilder the sleeper to vistas and dimensions mostly unknown.  A work friend told me of a ‘true’ dream where she made peace with a somewhat hard to please parent who had shed this mortal coil. Dreams are often just vapors that pass within minutes of wakefulness. Some stay with you and force you to confront fears, hopes and unresolved paradoxes that are almost inscrutable. Others show a future reality that will cause great pain but somehow you will pass through with help from possibly unexpected quarters.

Reach out, reach up and reach down to lift another dreamer to a solid footing in reality and loving warmth.

The Glass Canoe (Chimera)—Happy

The Glass Canoe was formed in spring of 2009, spending a little over two years writing and molding demos which would eventually become their debut album, Chimera. Chimera was mostly recorded at home in North County, San Diego, CA. Being labeled as “Psychedelic Pop”, The Glass Canoe focuses heavily on melody and atmosphere. They are influenced by all types of genres and styles, and are always trying new ways to experiment with their music. The band is continually writing and recording ideas for new albums and live shows.

Free album download if interested . . .

Band Homepage

Chimera Download


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