Sea of Bees – Sting Stang Stung

Sea of Bees is the musical project of Julie Ann Bee, or Jules as everyone calls her. She sings, writes the songs, and plays lots of musical instruments.

Sea of Bees – The Woods

Sea of Bees – Willis

“If I had to sum her up in a sentence, she’s sort of a female Sparklehorse. Her music is rooted very much in folk and rock but wildly experimental; some crazy, beautiful, wonderful sounds on her new album “Songs for the Ravens.” On my top 10 for the year.” Robin Hilton, NPR radio host

Tons of Songs to Love, Learn and Download at Soundcloud for Sea of Bees

Producer John Baccigaluppi knows exactly how to capture Bees’ potentially tricky magic and charm, bottling up a voice that is, at once, affecting, haunting, and truly disarming with precise arrangements and a pristine mix. Every instrument is heard and felt, electric guitar stabs are never overused and don’t overstay their welcome, and it is clear he understood the most important thing about recording this artist: it’s not simply the vocals that are the show, but the emotion that drips from them.

A worthy find!

Sea of Bees Homepage

~ by castleqwayr on June 4, 2011.

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