The Lonely Wild – Delizioso e Saporito (Pasta Western)

The Lonely Wild’s expansive western soundtrack takes you on a journey with enough variety to keep this jaded reviewer pushing rewind on my music player. The faithfulness as well as the beautiful tweaking of Americana is a highlight for me. There’s a spaghetti western vibe that is perfectly timed with the release of ‘Rome‘ by Danger Mouse. The song ‘Dead End’ has vocal harmonizing with the best from The Jayhawks, but not quite derivative. Other tunes from the EP ‘Dead End’ are bliss inspiring and are gentle preparation for summer chilling at 82°.

Dig in and consider their EP for purchase at

In the fall of 2009, Andrew Carroll‘s former six-year band had run its course,  his grandmother died after a serious battle with drug addiction, and he married  his long-time love. From pain to bliss, these events swirled into lyrics and  melodies.

The Lonely Wild—Dead End

Over the course of the next six months Carroll woke each  morning with a melody in his head that had to be turned into a finished piece by that night.

The Lonely Wild—Right Side of the Road

With an arsenal of songs, he then called on former bandmate  Ryan Ross (keys, bass, trumpet, vocals) and newcomers Jessi Williams (vocals,  percussion, keys), Andrew Schneider (guitar, percussion), and Edward Cerecedes  (drums, percussion) to help transform these songs into orchestrated ensemble  works.

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