We Aeronauts – chalon valley ep

We Aeronauts – Chalon Valley House Band MP3

In mid-August last year, the eight people that make up We Aeronauts relocated to France for a holiday. They took a car-full of instruments with them too. When they came back they had a band. They wrote a load of songs about the area…from the endless bike-rides they took around the valley they were in, to the days spent in the sun down at the nearby lake, to the foothills of the Alps on the horizon. When they returned they continued to write, inspired by the Tour de France and the Chalon Valley, and began to play shows. In their relatively short time as a band (11 Months), they have played shows with Jonquil and K Records’ Little Wings amongst others, received Radio play from Huw Stephens and recorded a session with BBC Oxford Introducing, as well as performing at Oxfordshire’s Truck Festival.

‘The boatswain’s cry’ will be available as a free download-only single in march, with the poptastic ‘the house on ash tree lane’ as b-side.



~ by castleqwayr on June 1, 2011.

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