Rebecca Browne – Chamomile Tea

The delicate, sweet singing of Ms. Browne joined with carefully played accompaniment, sets me on a hunt in my kitchen for said herbal brew. Not finding chamomile, I settled on some wild jasmine. My sister Corrine says it is very good to open up the lungs and to increase circulation. Now, chamomile is said to be the perfect elixir for restfulness and recharge. I had a cup of this years ago from the rear shelf on a second class bus in route to Chichen Itza in the Yucatan. Good times. I lift my cup to Ms. Browne as she continues chasing her fireflies. This world needs her light. 

Rebecca Browne is working on two new demos, ‘Stars’ & ‘If That’s the Way You Want It’.

Rebecca Browne—Chamomile Tea

The lyrics of ‘Chamomile Tea’ are adapted from Camomile Tea by Katherine Mansfield. The lyrics of ‘Heartache’ are all her own. Together theses songs chronicle the rise and fall of a relationship.

Rebecca Browne—Heartache

Rebecca is a singer songwriter hailing from Rotorua, New Zealand. Although a keen vocalist from a young age, it is only since she set off on her overseas adventure in May 2010, that she started writing her own songs. Using simple acoustic melodies she seeks to convey emotion in a catchy fashion. She currently resides in Bath, UK.

Listen to more at:

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