Candle “Goodnight Firefly”

The song “Goodnight, Firefly” from the new album, The River You Drink From Will Drown You drips with a great southern voice by Mr. Coons.  The instrumentation complements, but never overwhelms.  The emotional passion of the vocal builds as the song progresses.  Trust me; just listen to the words and please read the lyrics:

Candle—Goodnight, Firefly

Goodnight little firefly, dancing under the cover of a warm night; humming a little song that sounds like springtime.

In this way it seems, you’ve washed my eyes clean with your light.

I said farewell to California and denied these arms that longed to hold you and from Kodiak down to PatagoniaI have seen your face in every hidden place that I have moved on from.

I blew out my candle and wandered up the coastline towards Seatlle my plans and dreams all left in shambles and without a light to follow I fought the most hollow of all battles.

Now I’m still just a sinner, chest-deep in some eternal river and the stars start to shake and shiver.

When my heart caves in, it’s all I want then is to be nearer.

But these memories turn gray in time like the words of poet that speaks by doesn’t write and the hardest things left to say are left out in the cold or buried in a grave.

The boats keep leaving and the boats keep coming and the song keeps playing and the heart keeps drumming.

The sun keeps sailing across the blue ocean ceiling, behind black clouds sinking of whose tears that I’m always stealing and whose sorrow that I have seen in the hours I’m always drinking and in the thoughts that I’m not thinking and in the song that I’m not singing and in the words I am not saying and in the prayers I am not praying and in the word I am not seeking and in the love I am not giving and in the God that I’m not seeing but somehow, still, still believing in the hope that he will find me here.


Candle is the songwriting project of Kevin Coons, a poet, writer and musician based out of San Luis Obispo, CA. He started writing and recording under the name Candle in 2005 and with the help of several friends, started performing all around California soon after. By 2008 Candle had become a full-blown folk-rock band and released their album “Miles and Miles and Miles”.

Candle—Let Me Forget Her February 2011 Single

In late 2009, Kevin put music on hold in order to travel to Alaska where he lived and worked aboard commercial fishing vessels, and spending weeks and months out at sea. He followed that experience by backpacking around South America before settling in with as an English teacher in Southern Chile. It was these experiences that inspired the songs on Candle’s new release “The River You Drink From Will Drown You.” Many of the songs were written in Alaska and Chile.

Candle—Goodnight, Firefly

The album is a collection of dark ballads as well as upbeat folksy numbers that is very personal but always remains accessible. All instruments were recorded together live in a local winery’s barrel room over the course of one long evening.

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