The two sides of: Le Man Avec Les Lunettes

The first video is pretty modern and pop-artsy, where the second is more classical and emoting.  Two sides of: Le Man Avec Les Lunettes.  Not sure why I like them so; it must be the Euro-mash-up that they offer so compellingly.   

They are an Italian indie-pop band with a French name that sings in English.

“Sparkles” (New 4 Song EP): is a precious shiny thing. A snapshot of the jet that sprays from a geyser while the sun is about to break on the horizon. Like a sunset in Big Sur while the car stops, just at the end of the road. Like the melodies and the arrangements of these four new songs from Le Man Avec Les Lunettes. Their comfortable notes with a hint of nostalgia, the same that takes you back home after an airship trip around the world. From above you can mark the boundaries of the forests that protect this jewel. A band from Brescia (Italy), an exotic name, lyrics in english, tours in Sweden and Denmarkand all around. You can breathe all the love and enthusiasm of the Sixties, when all that was possible just like living in a dream. The harmonies, the poetry of the strings, the gentle breeze of the guitars and the kiss of the keys, bring you back to that atmosphere in which Sparkles was thought, written and recorded. The feeling that every moment, filtered by the lenses of these Lunettes, must be unique. Because it’s the band itself a precious sparkle in modern pop.  From


~ by castleqwayr on May 17, 2011.

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