Family Cactus — Points of Light/Shadows of Succulence


Shimmery and chiming wonders are the ‘Family Cactus’.  Their songs have a semi-olde rock vibe from the summer of love; yet a bit wiser and less prone to substance abuse.  These are mature, folk-laced rock tunes that are guitar and story rich. They have depth and heft and are worthy of repeat listens, and one will be seeking out the lyrics sheet.  They are full of dreamy sleepy somewhat reverb vocals; with a flavour of ‘My Morning Jacket”.   

Now, let’s see how much my daughter has left in her monkey bank so I can get the full release from Bandcamp of ‘Come Howling’ by the Family Cactus? 

Some meetings of individuals produce far more than the sum of their parts, and when Zimbabwe-born Adam Ladley and German Nina Siegler started playing and singing in Wellington, New Zealand, they invoked a gentle, growing gravity which eventually drew in seven members of differing musical pedigrees, a number of different approaches, and a variety of contributors, all united by a shared musical purpose.

Family Cactus – Come Howling

It seemed apt to recognise both the freedoms and perils of such a well-populated setup with the name Family Cactus.

Family Cactus – Kingmaker

Led by the charismatic Ladley, the band populate their multi–textured and hook–laden songs with a variety of characters and perspectives: from miners facing tragedy in crumbling coal towns to bored suburban teenage punks bent on petty destruction.

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