Monday I’m In Love – A Few Friends

The Sundelles – Kiss the Coast

Led by Sam Sundos, The Sundelles combine the west coast vibes of their California roots with the loneliness of the East Coast which the band now calls home.  Sundos formed The Sundelles, the name a nod to Phil Spector girl groups, in garages all over southern California. 

The Sundelles have been writing songs for themselves since the beginning but always with the intention of attracting those who appreciate the purity of pop music


Calm Blue Sea – The Rivers That Run Beneath This City (WOXY.COM live)

The Calm Blue Sea are an experimental post-rock band from Austin, Texas.
Their first full length CD is the album The Calm Blue Sea (2008). In 2009 they released the limited edition Siegfried: An Original Score by The Calm Blue Sea double CD.


AlexanderTurnquist – Spherical Aberrations

Alexander Turnquist is a guitarist/composer who uses his 12 string acoustic finger-style approach in creating very dramatic and emotionally engaging music. Turnquist started playing at a young age with an experimental approach from the onset, and has always held to the use of the acoustic guitar as the driving force and foundation in his compositions. In addition to his guitar playing he cleverly writes into his compositions accompaniment in the form of mallet percussion instruments, strings, and piano.


Some More Friends:

Bodies of Water – These Are The Eyes

Bright Archer – Blueberry 

(new album soon:

Should – Turned Tables


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