The Downer Party – Cities

My take:  Just want to see this band live . . . 

Picture a dark, dusty Oakland basement piled high with equipment and half broken instruments. Four obsessed musicians blasted on caffeine, writing and recording hook after hook amidst a sea of Tecate cans and earthquake kits.

The Downer Party—Island

At first listen you’d never know that “Cities”, the new EP from SF band The Downer Party, was written, recorded, and produced by the band in their guitarist’s basement – it’s filled with rich, textured sounds and toe-tapping jams. But once you’ve have the chance to explore the EP’s mood and tonality, it’s easy to imagine a setting of four engrossed band mates locked in a moldy room, reveling in their experiences, and loving every moment of it.

The Downer Party—CountryKids

Comprised of members of several notable Bay Area bands (French Miami, Elephone, Two Seconds), The Downer Party set about creating Cities; an album that’s as much a chronicle of growing up in the Bay Area as it is a revelry in the peculiarities of young love in an urban environment. As singer Sierra Frost puts it “Cities is about being disconnected from the people you care about and the attempts we all make to cope with that weirdness. It’s about home and removedness… you know?”

The Downer Party—Chicago

Taking influence from northwest rock of the late 80’s and early 90’s, Cities is both earnest and energetic. It’s well lit with catchy hooks, grimy guitars, and irresistible “fun songs about crappy situations”.


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