Big Scary – The Big Scary Four Seasons


This release by ‘Big Scary’ is actually a compilation of 4 EPs representative of the four seasons.  There are delicate odes of celebration and grace for Spring that transition to reflection and then celebration for Summer.  Autumn songs are end-notes of a sort, and the they slide into the beautiful deep-freeze of a winter’s sleep.  God bless the Big Scary and whatever next they choose to discover, possess and cherish.   

2010 was quite a year for Melbourne two-piece Big Scary. International supports, national airplay, constant touring, sold out headlining shows and the release of four EP’s have seen the talented duo take their varied sound to all corners of their country.

At the beginning of 2010, Big Scary announced they would be releasing four EPs dedicated to each of the seasons. Inspired by Mother Nature, each release was written and recorded in each respective season, and promised to be as varied as the seasons themselves. Inspired by the flurry of rich colour in autumn, the first drops of rain in winter, the blossom of new life in spring and the majesty of a summer thunderstorm.

Autumn MP3

Widely tipped as ones to watch by industry insiders, some thought the four seasons project a brave undertaking for the independent duo, doubting their ability to consistently release and tour this varied material. Instead, The Big Scary Four Seasons has served to show the breadth of talent and styles possessed by the versatile duo, with Big Scary recently announced as one of Triple J‘s ‘2010 Next Crop Artist of the Year’.

Keep Big Scary on your radar, as they are currently in the studio recording their highly anticipated debut album.

~ by castleqwayr on May 4, 2011.

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