Charge Of The Light Brigade ↔ The Defiant Ones


The album opens with ‘Last Door Down’, a hard charging rocker with just a bit of a fuzzed-out  sound and a healthy lead vocal snarl.  The tempo of the tune pins you against the safety bar, and then alternately whiplashes your skull against the black hard cushions of the head-guard. There is enough kinetic energy to propel you precipitously to your last braking stop in ‘Atlantic City.’  One enjoys nice views of a diagonal nature while leaning back as your car is  pulled up to the top of the lift hill. Hang on, this is gonna get wild. 

C.O.T.L.B. — The Defiant Ones

C.O.T.L.B. — I Will Not Be Saved

Strong themes of doomed heroism and the terminal tick of relationships gone awry abound here.  They’re heard in the resilient sprawl of ‘Fastest of The Losers’, the furious early 90’s punk stomp of ‘Charge!!’ and finally, a moody but ultimately fulfilling cover of ‘Atlantic City,’ which serves as the album’s closer.  Each track drives its way into your subconscious with alarming and altogether defiant grace.  It’s an honest approach that fuels the entire record.  Candid emotions are channeled into tracks like ‘The Visible Man’, which features a bruising post-punk feel.  And ‘The Real Heart’ swells beyond expectations. 

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~ by castleqwayr on April 21, 2011.

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