Love Is Everywhere – When Harry Tries to Marry

I have to admit to a soft spot—possibly on the top of my head—for Bollywood movies and for romantic comedies.  I dug ‘500 Days of Summer‘ and while I am currently listening to this soundtrack and watching the trailer for ‘When Harry Tries to Marry’ I’m already smitten. 

Sarah Sharp — Love Is Everywhere (mp3)

American film soundtracks are often like arranged marriages: a union of disparate elements that only sometimes spark real passion.

The music of the new cross-cultural romantic comedy, When Harry Tries to Marry (108 Pics; April 22, 2011). is an inspiring evolution of sound and color reminiscent of some of the world’s greatest blockbuster films.

“Music and movies go hand in hand when you come from a culture like ours,” notes India-born, U.S.-raised director Nayan Padrai. “A soundtrack is about telling a story, rather than simply licensing some tracks.”

Integral to the making of the movie, the soundtrack matches the film’s distinctly indie American vibe and its intricate, vibrant Indian scenes. It features some of Austin’s boldest, most soulful sounds and some of the subcontinent’s best playback (cinema) singers and composers. The tracks share a catchy intensity perfectly tuned to the film.

Mapping the journey of Harry, an Indian-American hoping to avoid romantic disappointment by choosing an arranged marriage, the soundtrack forms a seamless part of this tale of careful calculation and undeniable spark.

Soundtrack available via at Two videos from the soundtrack will be available for free download (in return for a Tweet or Facebook shout out) via

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