the MIDDLE ones—Low-fi, New-folk?

Very nice vocal harmony and simple acoustic guitar playing, with occasional accordion and percussion. They have an English quirkiness that is both fresh and thoughtfully provocative.  These are mostly peaceful tunes that will not change the world nor cause a media sensation; but likely bring a smile to your face and take you to a restful place. 

Christmas, baby (Please Come Home)

Our debut album, released 22nd April 2011, is the first of two collaborations between The Middle Ones, Stitch-Stitch Records (Bristol), Discount Horse Records (Durham), and Michal William. It has eleven tracks recorded in a house and a church in Bristol between Autumn 2009 and Spring 2010. The artwork is by the wonderful Karis Upton (

The Middle Ones are Anna Knowles and Grace Denton. Anna comes from Manchester and Grace is from Holmfirth but we met in Norwich in 2007 and have been playing together since then. A few different people from Norwich and elsewhere have played as part of the band over the last few years, including: John Boursnell, Mat Riviere, Stuart Vallance, Sam Hill, Ric Wade, Roxy Brennan, Steve Brett and Sam Jones among others.


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