‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrows..’ Youth Sounds

I had another of those extremely annoying dreams last night. Let me set the background first. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I usually avoid pop music reviews as a guiding principle. Well the dream was the one where I create the perfect pop song; or at least a catchy chorus from a possible song. This chorus stayed in my head for about 10 minutes before fading into the ether with wakefulness.  These songs are to the best of my musical knowledge, unique, and if placed in the right hands, would likely be top-40 hits. To make things worse, I have no clue how to transcribe music from these dreamy basics to anything sellable. So while I might eschew pop music like the plague, it is the simplicity and beauty of these songs that bang around in the collective consciousness of a major part of our U.S. population. This dream type had kept its distance from my imagination for at least 10 blessed years, only to be the last thing I remembered  when I awoke this morning.

Now getting to ‘Youth Sounds’, they are not to be sloppily called pop music.  Shoegaze, or better yet: dreampop are better descriptors for their sound.  This new EP is very good!  My favorite track is Foolish Love.  Now if I could just keep all that self-created pop music out of my own dreams I might actually rest!        

Youth Sounds — Foolish Love

Youth Sounds – It’s Hell


Shoegaze. Indie. Dreampop.  All are apt descriptions of Youth Sounds, but how can one really classify gossamer vocals weaving modest melodies through moody synths, twinkling pianos, an acoustic guitar, and a distinct, danceable drumbeat? As far as the band is concerned, they’re not interested in a genre. They have set out to capture a nostalgic mood.  

The duo decided to blend their diverse, yet complimentary influences (The Beatles, Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, The Bird and The Bee, Frou Frou). Once they added Adrian Frye and Taryn Mejia to the band, they were ready to record their debut EPThe Bit Parts.
With the August 2010 release of The Bit Parts and the February 2011 release of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Youth Sounds is still a band in its infancy. Yet the indie press community welcomed them with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Hailing the release as unassuming yet impressive, BPM Magazine, Obscure Sound, and many others are eagerly awaiting a full-length debut.


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