Typhoon – Blew By You . . . . . .


Typhoon performs a medley of “The Sickness Unto Death” and “The Honest Truth” at the Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas on March 18, 2011.

Nice and kinda like Damien Rice but not quite as pretty.  Check them out and just one question: Is the Rheinhlander still in downtown Portland?  Awesome Wiener Schnitzel.

 I discovered Typhoon four years ago when their self titled, self produced first album was pressed in to my hand by a trusted friend. It took less than the space of that first track to fall in love. It was, and is a beautiful arrangements featuring at first vocal harmonies, the lyrics sung in Latin, and a tentative guitar, but it builds, perilously, as the full band joins in, lifting up a mountain of sound, only to fall away as the track rolls quietly into the next song.

This command of dramatic range and the breadth of the instruments involved is a hallmark of Typhoon’s sound. The band began simply as a recording project between Kyle Morton, Devin Gallagher working one track at time on an album Kyle had been writing during his first year of college. Many of their friends were drawn into the project, including Toby Tanabe, Tyler Ferrin, Jordan Bagnall, Leah Ng, Dave Hall, Eric Stipe, Conlan Murphy, Paige Morton and more.

Typhoon – The Honest Truth

I saw them live for the first time mere weeks after buying that first CD. The show was held in the basement of Bubble Tea purveyor in downtown Salem with Boy Gorilla label mates Eskimo & Sons, who were themselves in their infancy then. I don’t think I was fully prepared for how many people made up Typhoon’s live lineup. They rarely perform with fewer than nine people on stage, and I’ve personally seen Typhoon field as many as 13 or 14. This may seem ostentatious, but let me assure you they need all three drum kits to really do things right.

by Brad Grenz



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