Bruce Cockburn: Small Source of Comfort

I’ve been a fan of B.C. since the 80’s and even though he has veered to extreme liberal tangents, he still speaks truth to power and sometime I can only glimpse nothing but a burning light.  May this new album capture some of the genius of those early works I still treasure.

NPR Interview and Live ‘Iris’ and ‘Comets of Kandahar’

From NPR.ORG  There are all these young people there,” he says, “and they kind of felt like my kids.”

On his way to Kandahar, Cockburn made a stop at Camp Mirage, a base run by the Canadian forces in Dubai that served as a staging area for flights to and from Afghanistan. As he waited to board his flight, a plane landed carrying the bodies of two Canadians who’d been killed that day.

“We became part of the ramp ceremony,” Cockburn says.

In “Each One Lost,” he recounts the experience: “Here come the dead boys / Moving slowly past the pipes and prayers and strained commanding voices / Each one lost is a vital part of you and me.”

~ by castleqwayr on March 13, 2011.

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