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‘Chloe Makes Music’, is the genius creation of Chloe Roth. Stylistically reminiscent of Joanna Newsom, but vocally easier—by far—on these ears. Her music has classical nuances aplenty, but retains a gentle finger-picked guitar folk sensibility.  Some of the tales harken back to mythic lore (Apollo & Daphne) or acutely observed modern-day travelogues (Island of Snakes).  Another artist who is similar in musical flavor is Sufjan Stevens. Yes, there is that folk link, but more so the overall sweetness, broken heart and—dare I say—kindness underlying this album.  This is beautifully haunted art and not to be missed.    

Chloe Makes Music — The Duel (feat. Christopher Chu)

Chloe Makes Music (CMM) is set to release her debut LP “The Puppeteer” on February 14, 2011. This elegant record is a gem from the San Francisco music world, as it was produced by Chris Chu of the Morning Benders and features a bevy of local SF musicians.

 The Puppeteer sees a departure for CMM – from a pared down minimalism of guitar and cello to a larger, fuller sound. The songwriting has been dubbed “quirky” and” lithe-voiced”; a masterpiece that “showcases Chloe’s talent for wordplay and storytelling”. Chu equally brings his unique brand of arrangement to the panoply of instruments featured on the debut, including guitar, piano, violin, cello, harmonium, saw, accordion, banjo, clarinet, and glockenspiel.

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  1. Just heard a sneak peak of this album, you’re so right. Great review! Chloe Makes music is sure to be a big up and coming name.

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