Courrier – A Violent Flame

Usually I recommend that an artist puts it all out there.  Don’t hold back!  I’ve heard too many bands stifle their soul as if it was against the sacred music rules, “to rage against the machine!’  Courrier in both their lyrics, instrumentation and singing is holding back a Tsunami of passion and power.  However, in their case, it is perfectly balanced.  Sort of like U2’s song: ‘With or without you;’ they have a power they keep humbly under control and let it out carefully and thoughtfully to gorgeous effect.  Their new album ‘A Violent Flame’ captures this concept.  Their flame scorches and devastates, but only if you, the hearer will listen and give back, give your heart and unburden your deepest hurts and needs. Give yourself to the flames, and finally, for God’s sake, be set free.  

Courrier – Paper Ghost

Courrier – For Your Sake

Courrier – (Like the Cold of Snow in the Time of Harvest)  Clarion Call

Courrier – (Like the Cold of Snow in the Time of Harvest)  The Thief

Facebook Bio:   The title of Courrier’s first studio release, Like the Cold of Snow in the Time of Harvest, is a fitting description of the boys from Austin, Texas. Like a new wind in an often dry and monotonous music ”business,” Courrier’s music is refreshing indeed. With a penchant for melody in the likes of alternative-rock bands like Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, and Radiohead, Courrier writes songs as soothing as they are sincere. It is in this duality that Courrier finds their message. In the beauty of existence and the pain of experience, lead singer Austin Jones’ voice even reflects the honeyed grit of reality, while the ascending harmonies and radiant guitars anthem the intimate.

Armed with a collection of songs as dynamic live as they are personal in your headphones, Courrier’s music shines amidst the shadows of a changing industry, assuring music fans of a few simple truths. A rock sung can still be sung like a hymn. A band should be more than a single. The words fans and friends should be synonymous. And finally, you don’t have to be the first to know about a band to enjoy them. So whether you are a new fan or an old friend, you are appreciated. Check out Courrier’s new EP, as well as their Facebook page for upcoming shows. You can also follow them on Twitter @courriermusic.

‘A Violent Flame’ tracks to Download:

‘Like the Cold of Snow in the Time of Harvest’ album Download:

Courrier – Official Site
Courrier – Facebook page

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