Besides Daniel – unpolished songwriting

At Heroes of Indie Music, we have previously featured ‘Besides Daniel’.  There is heart and soul here, and a yearning for something more that is wonderful to behold. No fake, contrived or ‘connect-the-dots’ music here.  I urge you to follow the link below and some of my past posts and let me know what you think of this artist.  Better yet, let Danny know how much you appreciate what he is creating!   

Besides Daniel – A Penny and a Queen

Besides Daniel – When I Survey

Besides Daniel – “Is your life a song filled with love and risk?”

• May 25, 2010

Besides Daniel – Now We are Three!

• March 14, 2010

Besides Daniel – Learn How to Fight – a song for Susanne O’Day

• January 5, 2010

Besides Daniel – Excellent Nick Drake

• September 30, 2009

Besides Daniel – Please Cover Me

• September 6, 2009

Besides Daniel – EP Download

• July 8, 2009

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