The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow (Solid?)

Just finished listening to the 2010 ‘Poison & WineEP by The Civil Wars.  The overall production and music is excellent, with drama and beauty galore.  The only thing was it felt too mainstream for my often overreaching tastes.  Though it did push the boundaries, it seemed like they were holding something back.

Now ‘Barton Hollow‘, while it builds upon the last release is a different creature. These new songs are generally mellower—aside from the track below—but contain more emotion and a cinematic scope owing to equal parts: instrumentation (i.e. lap-steel, string arrangements), strong production (both vision and execution) and unrelenting passion.  Pour me a tall glass of this top shelf elixir and a tip of the hat to The Civil Wars.

 Barton Hollow – Barton Hollow MP3

The Civi l Wars consists of John Paul White, hailing from Florence, AL and Joy Williams, originally from Santa Cruz, CA, but now residing in East Nashville. The duo’s chance meeting a year and a half ago fueled an immediate songwriting chemistry and creative synergy. Their second show ever, performed at a sold out Eddie’s Attic, was recorded and released as a free digital album.

The 12-track album was recorded in Nashville and was produced by Grammy-award winning producer, Charlie Peacock.

~ by castleqwayr on January 18, 2011.

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