Sleepyvillain – “Arithmetic”

Where to begin, where to begin?  Mr. Akila Fields describes his music as sounding like broccoli and cheese whiz.  Well, let me set you all straight; this is simply stunning music from a former Barnum and Bailey musician.  While I never caught any of his performances in any of the three rings or the humble orchestra pit; “ladies and gentlemen, step right up now and listen and download these two trax!”  His style or genre is Ambient-Experimental-Jazz, but I think it is his own.  He is said to be coming out with a full CD early this year titled “arithmetic” and his BIO below is well worth the read. 

God bless Sleepyvillain

Sleepvillain — Swoon City MP3

We’re in a slow motion chase sequence
I’m the opposite of a cheetah. 
You’re one part tortoise, one part hare
When the weather gets warm your brown spots show
Your veins are a map
Your skins all a glow
We like to play games but you don’t tell me the rules
Your hair is a mane
Your eyes are brown jewels
You’re made just like my mind drew
Everywhere you walk you leave a glitter residue.  
This chase is fun but my legs are sore
This chase is fun but my legs are sore

Sleepyvillain — Soft Shoe MP3

there’s 10,000 anvils floating above my head
i keep climbing this mountain you keep raising the peak
i give you a period, you give me question marks
i give you 4 corners you give me a triangle
instead of breaking it in half you tap danced on it
the prettiest soft shoe i’ve ever seen

Boy just slow it down I need your empathy
If the stars align I want you next to me
so many spinning plates don’t need another one
I’ve got shit to do for now let’s have some fun
my eyes are changing colors I’m wild so dangerous
careful watch your step i’m lit like phosphorus

if you pull away i will come closer, if you come closer i’ll pull away.

i don’t know what to do
i don’t know what to do, so i just go (hmmmmmm)


~ by castleqwayr on January 12, 2011.

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