Young The Giant — Not Tied Down

The five young gents that make up ‘Young The Giant’ are in their early 20’s and hail from that crazy world of Orange County, California.  Myself having lived in Anaheim, Orange, and Garden Grove, know that there is a creative streak a mile wide stretching from Newport Beach to Main Street in Disneyland!  There is old and a bit of new money in the O.C. as well; though not as much on account of the recession and the Golden State‘s failed economy. These guys are new in the biz and have likely not bought their matching red Ferrari’s, but they come from a culture and climate as rich and diverse as the world.  Heck, you can be at the beach, desert, mountains or downtown LA all in the same day and not break a sweat and all the while interact with most of the world’s cultures and nationalities.  So far I hear a bit of ‘The National’ in some of the guitar runs and even the vocal power of ‘British Sea Power‘ in the video below.   Here’s hoping this music keeps developing and all the inevitable influences work together to help this young giant find its place in our music world and its feet on solid ground. 

Young The Giant – My Body (daytrotter session)

Young The Giant – Guns Out (daytrotter session)

The Jakes (pre-YTG) – Cough Syrup

The illustration is from Johnnie Clune of, where the sonic offerings in a gift-wrapped package of 5 songs can be had freely at Daytrotter/Young the Giant Concert

Between recording sessions at Sunset Sound Studios and Kingsize Studio in LA with Chiccarelli and mixing sessions at Electric Lady Studios in NYC with Michael Brauer (Coldplay, My Morning Jacket) in mid 2010, Young the Giant toured the country with Minus the Bear and Steel Train. As fond as they are of their work in the studio, they find themselves equally drawn to playing live—another venue for them to work out their ideas. “The road is like being on a constant adventure,” Comtois says. “I look at it like the way Kerouac saw America, going from town to town. If you’re in a band, that’s the closest thing to that type of lifestyle and that energy carries over to the live show, especially because we’re all friends. We so enjoy playing with each other and we’ve been jamming for so long, even if we’re on stage, it’s the act of playing music together first and foremost that’s so awesome.”                                                                                                                                                                       Read much more of their bio:

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