BūKE AND GāSS – Whoa!

Just stumbled upon this intriguing two-some, Aron Sanchez and Arone Dyer of ‘Buke and Gass’, during my break this morning. Folk-Freak-Country-Gadget-Rock from Brooklyn, New York.  Wow! 

Buke and Gass — Medulla  Oblongata

Thorough review here:  http://popshifter.com/2010-09-14/buke-and-gass-riposte/

NPR.ORG Video here: http://tinyurl.com/23g9ptn 

Buke and Gass – NPR Tiny Desk Concert Download

Set List

“Your Face Left Before You”

“Sleep Gets Your Ghost”

“Revel In Contempt”

“Medulla Oblongata”



~ by castleqwayr on December 28, 2010.

One Response to “BūKE AND GāSS – Whoa!”

  1. Awesome!! 🙂

    some good trance / techno music here as well… http://www.techno2011.com 🙂

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