A Little Affair – Darling [EP]

The music of ‘A Little Affair’ is called indie-rock, but it does tend more towards the rock-pop side of the equation from my perspective. Messrs. Hughes, Buzby and Cochran are talented men as you will discover by listening to their freely available EP at www.alittleaffairmusic.com. You must watch some of the videos and you will discover further their talent and influences on these cover tunes. This trio may be trying to find their way, employment wise, in this troubled and sad economy, but here is hoping that they keep crafting songs in their quest to understand what makes life tick and has true meaning and importance, after all. You got to see the Glen Hansard cover on the YouTube vid below. Awesome vocal and emotional intensity on this hard charging number. These guys have a gift that I’m just dying for them to set free more often at that level. The three offerings on Darling show that they have the musical ability and creativity to make thoughtful and engaging songs.     

A Little Affair – Doctor

Having recently graduated, Ben Hughes, Ryan Buzby, and Tom Cochran found themselves transplanted into an economic depression and a sour job market. Determined not to let a few bad bankers give them the blues, the trio chose to chase their rock n’ roll dreams. Between odd jobs and substitute teaching, Hughes articulated his desires and frustrations with society, relationships, and religion through song. Together, Hughes and Cochran join Buzby in his farmhouse studio to record their newest self-titled album showcasing their simply accessible indie rock.


~ by castleqwayr on December 27, 2010.

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