Brett Goldsmith – (Extra) Ordinary Life

Mr. Goldsmith’s voice is both unique and easily soothing.  It’s right in the middle and a worthy accompaniment to the acoustic guitar based tales of love, longing and loss.  These songs lack the quirkiness, envelope-pushiness or randomness of what passes as alternative or indie music these days.  While not quite pop or straight ahead rock, it has folk and indie-rock sensibilities that makes it very radio friendly on what is called AAA radio (adult album alternative) in the USA. These tunes should be on the playlists of stations worldwide IMHO.  The full band sound and production is professional and I cannot find one lapse in the whole effort. Mr. Goldsmith is a photographer by day taking excellent photos—certainly he is in great demand.  Consider the photo at the top of this post and the two songs provided here for a sense of this artist’s craft and what promises to be a long career in whichever medium he aspires to. 


With his solo debut album Brett Goldsmith has created a work of depth and quality. His song writing has already been likened to such pop craftsmen as Neil Finn, John Mayer and Elvis Costello and to the late Australian underground icon Matt Moffitt (of Matt Finish fame). To the extent that Goldsmith writes and performs his own songs he is a ‘singer-songwriter’ but that certainly doesn’t mean that he’s a dude with a battered acoustic guitar dreaming of being the next Bob Dylan. The album is a thoroughly modern work, combining intimate evocative vocals, sweeping panoramic production, exquisite pop melodies and some revealing, sometimes disturbing and often heart-wrenching lyrics.

“A few things you should know, I’ve been creating music since before I can remember; I have an unhealthy obsession with left-handedGibson guitars.”

‘I’ve been a professional photographer for the last seven years. Polaroid‘s and Leica m6film cameras are my vice; actually anything to do with photography, I’m into.Here resides my life- music and photography. It’s what I do and what I love.”


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~ by castleqwayr on December 23, 2010.

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