Soda Shop – Farewell

This reviewer was fortunately born after the 50’s from which decade this music receives ginormous amounts of inspiration.  It all seems filtered through a current twee-pop sensibility that strikes me as stunning.  There is a laid-back almost Beach House feel to the vox if not the music.  This makes me want to lay down in the warm sand, allowing the warm salt air to bathe me in its dream-like embrace only to be aroused by hunger pains brought on by the smell of corn dogs and caramel corn from the tanned vendors on the pier.   

Soda Shop – Farewell

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Official release date: January 18

Soda Shop is the merging of Drew Diver (Horse Shoes) and Maria Usbeck (Selebrities), a boy and a girl who met by fate at an Embassy concert in Brooklyn, NY. The Embassy, whom heavily influenced both Drew and Maria’s other acts, brought together a new duo. Though this time, leaving the drum machines and synthesizers behind for a hollow-body guitar and tambourine.

Having an obsession with perfection and nostalgia. The simple, classic pop song structure, which houses reverberating melodies under dreamy vocals, remind oneself of better times, when Coca-Cola was only twenty-five cents, the only DJ was a jukebox and all you had to worry about was who you were taking to the prom.

If you’re a fan of classic girl-groups (Shangri-Las, The Ronettes) or current pop (Acid House Kings, The Cardigans, Tennis, The Raveonettes or Summer Camp) you won’t want to miss out on the debut single from Soda Shop. Having already been played on Sweden’s national radio station, P3 Pop, and gaining a presence across various blogs in the UK and Japan, Soda Shop’s first single “Farewell” is a small taste of what’s to come.

  Awesome cool 50’s vibe video/ Click on Pic

~ by castleqwayr on December 21, 2010.

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