Modern Rivals EP – The Accidental . . . Killer

Click On Image to Download EP (Free!)

The intensity of some of this band’s quicker numbers, rivals that of another band that is quite modern: ‘Arcade Fire’.  While Arcade Fire is from Montreal, Canada and Modern Rivals hail from New York City, me thinks they are partaking of familiar vapours!  They are under the influence of an uncontrollable substance that helps them craft grooves to shake to and acoustic guitar led manifestos to pump you up—not for violence, but for the sheer joy and celebration of life. This wild collaboration—greater than the personal contributions—has a future, one that I am gladly queuing up for. 

Modern Rivals – Modern Rivals EP -The Accidental

Modern Rivals – Modern Rivals EP – Matchsticks

We’re Modern Rivals. We play indie pop. We’re from NYC. We’re at CMJ.

We went deep into the wilderness (of Prospect Park) last weekend and filmed an acoustic performance of “To My Friends.”
Free EP Download:

~ by castleqwayr on December 20, 2010.

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