dust on the breakers — American Reclamation

Blogger note:  Dust on the Breakers crafts moody dreamscapes that are a bit sad and altogether wonderful.  They take me to a better place — a place of nourishment and rest for my weary soul.

Dust on the Breakers – Summer Rainstorms

The 5-song EP, mixed by Martin Feveyear (Crooked Fingers, Damien Jurardo), is a musical purge; a wild abandonment of former loves and lovers, a forward march to new, uncharted hopes. Its opening track, “Charred Metropolis,” introduces vocalist Anna Slade, her voice a demure echo against Linsenmaier’s slowcore-ish croon. “Quiet Please” is likewise an ambient exploration of atmospherics and rumbling piano parts. The standout “Summer Rain Storms” is easily the album’s most accessible tune, a buoyant pop diversion anchored by the upstart, ending chorus, “We’ll run in the rain / catch up to me.” For years, Dust on the Breakers has been a band on the verge, and with the densely layered debut American Reclamation, it’s about time for it to tip over.

Dust on the Breakers – Charred Metropolis

“A lush mixture of orchestral pop, slowcore, folk and dark Americana” – Denver Post
“Ambitious, but never overbearing – a tough balance to achieve” – AV Club
“Space rock with soul and refinement.” – Denver Westword

Band Members Jeff Linsenmaier, vocals/drums; Tim Husmann, keys/drums; Jeff Davenport, guitars
Guest Musicians Shawn King (Devotchka), Elin Palmer (16 Horsepower/Crooked Fingers)
For listeners of Low, Midlake, The Arcade Fire, The Antlers         

WEBSITE dustonthebreakers.com
PRESS LAND dustonthebreakers.com/about.html
CONTACT dustonthebreakers@gmail.com

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