Welcome Sister Winter/December Songs

I receive anywhere between zero and five emails a day to my Gmail account from bands pushing their craft.  When a song or album arrives that I like it gets a yellow “star” and then I go back and listen to it, hopefully within a week, and create a well thought out post or maybe something more minimal—it all depends.  While I usually have a back-log, I thought that this December I would scatter the seed wide and far and hope you like one or more of these offerings!  Feel free to give your reaction and maybe, just maybe we will find some new artists to love and claim as our own.  Let me know if they call for a more complete post.

Jason Ward has been busy at work since the release of the Graceful Bow EP in February 2010, and Almighty Row’s applauded release, which occurred in late 2009.  Still at work on the full-length follow-up to 2009’s “Almighty Row”, Ward has recorded nearly 30 songs, but is still hard at work in the studio.  “Okay” (release iTunes 12/6/10) is purposefully more of an upbeat and insightful song, and could be labeled as indie rock, alt/rock, or even pop. 

Bradford Cox/Atlas Sound –  “Apparently Sony Music Owns my bedroom. Feel free to call or email and let them know what you think. I can understand them requesting for me to remove a cover but the only one I can imagine that happening with is Dylan. Which was on Vol. 1. Which was not deleted. I am re-uploading the files now.posts.”  Free Bedroom recordings: Visit and download      

Atlas Sound Vol 3 – Indian Bitrate

Declan DeBarra — “Hello, I am busy writing the new album (at last!) and getting ready to hit the road again. So just to say thank you for all your support and helping spread the word, you can download my first album “Song of a Thousand Birds” for free from here http://declandebarra.bandcamp.com/album/song-of-a-thousand-birds . Just click on the album and select download.”  You can hear more from Declan on Soundcloud or his website.

Declan de Barra – Call to Arms

O’death — New York outfit O’Death’s third LP, Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, feels like a giddy junkyard hoedown, from the panicked fiddle screeches of opener “Lowtide” to the celebratory gallop of closer “Lean-To.” At times it sounds morose or contemplative, but underneath the melancholy is a gospel fervor—   http://odeath.net/index.php

Download Newport Concert 2010

Dominant Legs — “The cute, catchy title track from Dominant Legs’ debut EP, “Young at Love and Life” is youthful-sounding and endearing, without seeming childish or trifling. The song captures the feelings associated with adolescent heartbreak while maintaining a more adult perspective.” via npr.org (track here)

Dominant Legs – Clawing Out at the Walls

HONHEEHONHEE— “Honheehonhee take an indie-rock trip along the edges of heaviness. A little bit epic, a little bit emo, a dash of pop, a sprinkle of nouveau-broadway. Freddie Mercury meets Death Cab.” — ny pOpmontreal link   HONHEEHONHEE from Montreal just released their first single “A. Is For Animal” off the forthcoming album “Shouts” and recently played the Pop Montreal music festival.   http://www.honheehonhee.com

Honheehonhee – A. Is For Animal

Peter Buzzelle — (Vocals, Drums, Guitar) is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and indie rock musician from Boston, Massachusetts. Buzzelle’s main influences are mixed amongst artists such as Elliott Smith, Morrissey and Band Of Horses. Buzzelle is an original singer and songwriter whose lyrics and vocal melodies are memorable.  http://peterbuzzelle.com/

Peter Buzzelle – A Dog Named Peanut


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