Souad Massi – Algeria’s Heart and Soul

Lovely Souad Massi creates music that is both organic in instrumentation and soaring in its deep and shimmering beauty of tone and temperature.  She sings mainly in French, and sometimes in Arabic.  Ms. Massi is included as a “Hero” mainly on the basis of her near anonymity in the States and scary good talent.  Her finger-picking on songs like,  Une Lettre A….Si H’Med, are as good as any American roots musician, but hearken back to a far older and to my mind, more mysterious tradition.

Sample some songs here:

Although the lyrics are very simple the song is full of meanings and it’s a reference to terrorism period in Algeria, for example when she says “everyone has a story in his heart” it means everyone has problems but let’s try to forget it listening to the raoui “story teller” and go back to our childhood memories and who says childhood says innocence and ignorance of all society problems….  amelesperanza 10 months ago 17 (youtube comment)

From —Souad Massi (Kabyle : Suɛad Masi, Arabic: سعاد ماسي) (born August 23, 1972), is an Algerian of Kabyle descent, singer, songwriter and guitarist. She began her career performing in the Algerian political rock band Atakor, before leaving the country following a series of death threats. In 1999, Massi performed at the Femmes d’Algerie concert in Paris, which led to a recording contract with Island Records.

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