CatastroPie – Gummy Bears Vs. Metallica

CatastroPie – Today (Piano)

CatastroPie – Geburtstag

CatastroPie – Rewind (Acoustic Version)

When I first received an email from this band, the name appeared to my brain as ‘Castro Pie’.  Needless to say, this left a bad taste in my mouth until I realized the name is actually ‘CatastroPie’ as in the word ‘catastrophe’.  CatastroPie is an Indie, alternative and electronica mishmash from the land of the Mossad, King David and the best airline security in the world. I really had a hard time picking my favorites to post here.  Even if you are not an electronica or techno fan, there is still lots to love here as these dudes know how to write, produce and execute a song in a grand but somewhat, detuned way.  Lots of free stuff on their website and here is hoping they keep finding the time and funds to make their art.

In their own words:

Can you resist a Gummy Bear?
We are CatastroPie. we make detuned TOY-TRONICA. We come from a holy desert land, called Israel, where we are some of the most unknown Rockstars ever. Our album, “Gummy Bears”, is available for Free download!!!

CatastroPie – Gummy Bears Website – all our songs, with the lyrics
Facebook -If you like to “like”
Youtube -our channel

~ by castleqwayr on November 26, 2010.

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