Massy Ferguson – HARD water

Get in yer pickup and head out to the gig to hear Massy Ferguson.  They will rock you hard and expect a full house tonight!  These boys are a ‘High Octane’ fueled band and may have found the alternate power source of Seattle: Strong Dark Coffee (see the spilled glass above).

Massy Ferguson – What You Decide

Seattle, Washington‘s profusely sweaty rock band, Massy Ferguson, will celebrated the release of their sophomore full-length, and first for Spark & Shine Records, “Hard Water,” nationally on October 19, 2010.

Delivering plenty of rock steeped in roots traditions, “Hard Water” continues where their debut, “Cold Equations,” left off.  Though, where “Cold Equations” owed more to Springsteen, “Hard Water” is a bit more twangy, closer in sound to Son Volt and Drive-By Truckers.

“Hailing from a town that is better known for indie and grunge rock, Massy Ferguson has their own brand of blue collar americana, likening their sound to Drive-by-Truckers, the Hold Steady, Tom Petty, and the Jayhawks. They have been described as blue collar alt-rock and raucous rock americana.

Massy Ferguson’s beginnings are as humble as any band.  They didn’t start in a garage, but rather originated by rehearsing in an under-construction commercial building in Seattle’s Wallingford district in early 2006. Founding members Adam Monda and Ethan Anderson crafted the band’s early ditties amongst scaffolding, sheetrock and rolls of carpeting, creating a fitting backdrop to their own nascent project.

Their 2008 debut album, Cold Equations, went on to garner praise from influential DJs such as Bruce Warren at WXPN (Philadelpia), who made Massy Ferguson’s song The Ride the station’s “Download of the Day” in March of 2009. In November 2009, the band was part of a video interview of Seattle bands on local station KEXP, where the band has been in rotation since 2008 with the songs Breathing In and Powder Blue.

“In the words of Seattle Weekly’s Brian J. Barr, You know only good things can come from a band that named themselves after a tractor company.

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