Jonsi Concert – Nov 9, 2010 Download

Download Free Jonsi Concert from NPR.ORG

Jónsi is known not only for his work with the experimental, Icelandic rock group Sigur Rós, but also for his innovative use of sound, and the elaborate, surreal stage performances. He’s currently on tour for his first solo record Go, in a show that features stunning videos, animation, and intricate lighting.  It’s an incredibly well-orchestrated and moving production.

“Stars In Still Water”
“Iccicle Sleeves”
“Sinking Friendships”
“Piano Des” (Working Title)
“Saint Naïve”
Go Do
“Boy Lilikoi”
Animal Arithmetic
“New Piano Song”
“Around Us”

“Sticks And Stones”
“Grow Till Tall”

Jónsi’s live shows are both whimsical or dark, drawing on themes of nature and the human relationship to it. Text from  NPR.ORG

~ by castleqwayr on November 18, 2010.

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