Clotworthy – “You locked me in the past and now I can’t get out”


im sorry that i can’t be
a better man for you
i would change if i could now
i’d sell my soul and get a new job
buy you anything you want
i’d give up drugs and all the cigarettes
they never did much anyhow
i’d rip my heart out and bleed myself dry
if i could be a better man for you

what makes this hurt so bad
is that i never had a chance
i never got to make you see
the kind of man i know that i could be

i’m sorry that i can’t be
the kind of man you need
i guess you think i’m still a kid
but you locked me in the past
and now i can’t get out

if time had other plans
maybe then we’d have a chance
but it all worked out so right
but then i guess that i can’t change your mind

Clotworthy – (Buddy) Up In The Sky

Clotworthy – (Buddy) I Suck 

Last week at work I was performing a job where I play my Zune and decided to set it on ‘random’.  That particular Zune holds 80 gigs, but I still have some space after 10,000 songs of above average quality.  I came to a song that captivated my thoughts for its artistry.  Later I went back to the song list and saw that it was none other than Mr. Andrew Clotworthy.  Knowing that I had not given his recent CD ‘Buddy’ a full listen I decided to make right this wrong.  This album is full of mostly mid-tempo slightly techno compositions with airy, synthesized vocals.  These songs are lyric heavy and story driven.  The story drives the music and the music propels the lyrics.  Don’t let the techno label scare you; because even discovering your feet shaking and head bobbing, your heart will revel in these tales of woe and desolation either in empathy or kind sympathy, since—the truth be told—this is or has been ‘our personal story’. 


Clotworthy is a recent noteworthy example of a unique songwriter that I might have missed out on. I discovered this new project from Andrew Clotworthy in our DIY calendar (see we do check out the calendar so keep on using it – that’s what it’s there for), and his new LP Buddy is just one of those albums that you can listen straight through again and again. Recorded over two months in his Manayunk bedroom, Buddy revolves around the central theme of loneliness. I think most of my favorite artists spend a lot of time alone. I have always said, “That’s how you become good at your craft.” Clotworthy creates these infectiously catchy indie pop sometimes electro rock tunes full of witty, raw, honest, introspective, self-deprecating humor that connects with the introvert in all of us through Ben Gibbbard-ish vocals and some Erasure-like synth lines. Show the guy that he’s not so alone.” – Q.D. Tran

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