Lohio – Discover Their ‘Family Tree’

One of my favorite finds for 2010 is Lohio.  The two songs below are very uptempo ‘pop-folk-indie’ with the flavour of Sufjan StevensIllinois‘ minus the banjo and orchestral manuevers.  ‘Wind And Leaves’ is more somber and Autumn like with its seasonal feel.  This release is sure to please many of you subscribers and casual visitors to the eclectic musical treasures extoled on this blog. 

Lohio – Family Tree

Lohio – Leave the City Leave Your Room

From Lohio Myspace: The best things a band can have are music, personality, and popularity. The fantastically talented, popular and personable Lohio showed off all three qualities in spades at their EP release party at Brillobox on Friday.

Their popularity was the first thing to notice. Tickets sold out quickly, and by the time the band was ready to play, the floor was brimming with fans, all pressed up far closer to the edge of the stage than usual. This is one of Pittsburgh’s top acts, after all.

Next came personality. Observant fans had already seen the band’s quaint, ironic humor pre-show, when the members mixed and mingled wearing shiny, customized baseball jackets. And fans may have also noticed the big cursive “L” on the bass drum next to a plus sign and an outline of the shape of Ohio. Get it? L+Ohio. Also, the shape of Ohio had a lighting bolt going through it. Superhero L+Ohio!




Must check out these live songs: http://www.drawuslines.com/mind-blowing/echo-chamber-lohio/

~ by castleqwayr on November 6, 2010.

One Response to “Lohio – Discover Their ‘Family Tree’”

  1. Great write up on Lohio. We’re huge supporters of the band and are pretty spoiled to have them as one of our local acts.

    If you’re a fan, you should definitely check out the Echo Chamber segment that we recently did with the band. It turned out great and we were lucky enough to capture some seriously great live moments with the band.


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