Casey Chandler – Runnin’ EP (An Isle of Wonder)

Excellent work from this up and coming folk artist who creates music that makes me happy!

Not to be missed …… really. 

Bio: Galapaghost is the conception of singer/songwriter Casey Chandler.  He is a recent graduate of SUNY Purchase, which he attended from 2005-2009 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Music production.  He hails from the small hippie town of Woodstock, NY where he took his first baby steps towards becoming the musician he has blossomed into today.  With no training on any instruments other than saxophone, he quickly picked up the bass when he was 14. Then moved onto guitar a year later and began singing and writing songs.  Soon after, he developed a passion for the recording and production aspect of things, thus taking an internship in high school at a recording studio.  After the internship, he had discovered his passion and was accepted into the Music Production program at SUNY Purchase.

Casey Chandler – Runnin’

Now, out on his own in the big apple, Casey is currently putting his own band together for Galapaghost, which include friends from the same major from SUNY Purchase.  He recorded his first EP in December 2009, entitled Our Lost Generation, which is comprised of 6 tracks he wrote, produced, and recorded by himself. He recorded his 2nd EP entitled Neptunes in February 2010, which is also comprised of 6 tracks he wrote, produced, and recorded by himself as well. His 3rd and final EP entitled Runnin’, is comprised of 7 songs that he wrote, produced, and recorded, which was released in November of 2010.

Casey Chandler – Truman

He has been playing some shows out in clubs and bars. He now resides in Austin, Texas where he moved in the summer of 2010. His songwriting is mainly folk driven, but pulls from many different influences from Midlake to Neil Young to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Radiohead. His music has a slight emphasis on ukulele, which he utilizes in a non-traditional way. He recently just finished a European tour with John Grant in the summer of 2010.

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  1. Thank you for this interesting article. I will be sure to get the word out about this on my site 🙂 Outstanding! Can’t wait to read next article.

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