Jon and Roy – Homes (Via: Vancouver Island)

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that these dudes are from Vancouver Island and not some toastier climes.  They have a groovin’ island sound and vocal vibe like Dave Matthews.  These tunes are for warmer days than now are scratching at the door; or maybe in this home-bound season, we can crank the heat up, put on our “Trader Joe’s” appropriate Hawaiian shirt, some sandals and our coolest swim trunks, and chill with a libation of choice. 

Jon and Roy – Boon ‘Elm

Jon and Roy – Narwhal

Dilapidated mansion ballrooms and seedy gas stations. Towering ancient forests and white sand beaches. Bohemian bars and hipster coffee shops. Canadian duo/quartet Jon and Roy draw inspiration from every corner of their Vancouver Island home, a curious mix of island vibe and Twin Peaks, of Seattle cool and Hawaii north shore.

Songs spring from jam sessions based on Cuban beats (“Cuban Bee”) or from African guitar licks a la Thomas Mapfumo (“Any Day Now”). Inspiration comes from the “Howdy What?” caption on a quirky thrift store shirt (“Homemade Shirt”), odd run-ins, family stories, and the glories of underappreciated ocean animals (“Narwhal”).

~ by castleqwayr on October 28, 2010.

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