Strand Of Oaks – Pope Killdragon

Strand of Oaks – Bonfire

Strand of Oaks – Alex Kona

Strand of Oaks – Daniels Blues (Live)

Awesome storytelling and harrowing tales that seem much more real than fiction.  Folk music for those who need to hear, for those who have had—maybe—more than their fair-share of trouble.  

Very good free concert here:

Daytrotter free concert here:

In 2003, Tim Showalter’s house burned down, his fiancée broke up with him, and he resorted to writing songs on an acoustic guitar while living on park benches in suburban Philadelphia. Those events informed the entirety of his arresting debut, Leave Ruin , an album about loss and brokenness and lack of faith. But as affecting as it was, Showalter is leery of being stuck in the past. After all, the first word of that record’s title is “leave,” and one of the first thing he asks when contacted for this interview is, “Can we kind of re-do my bio? I don’t want to keep being the sad sack whose house burned down.”   ~J. Edward Keyes Emusic 2010

Read the happy 2nd part here:



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