Little Beirut – ‘Fear of Heaven’

Yes this disc is laden with a big pop sound; yet I hear a depth, a touch of melancholy and shimmering delicious guitars.  The bass line propels and punctuates the whole taking this passenger on a captivating ride; though no broken asphalt or speed bumps, our vistas are bright and our destination sure.  These musicians better break big or we just all might take to the streets like those frustrated workers in France!  Never stop the pop and yes, this baby rolls on.

Little Beirut – Cosmic Waitress

Little Beirut – Last Light

Lush with melodies and choruses you can sing along to in your car, Little Beirut’s third album shows a band coming into its own. More raw and direct than 2008’s critically-acclaimed High Dive, there’s a swagger and confidence in its embrace of the elements that make you remember the song, not simply name check the influences. The Posies-esque guitar drive and Nada Surf reminiscent harmonies that marked the last effort have not been ditched, but the orchestration has been stripped down here making a confident statement and allowing the songs to shine through.

“One of the things I tell people when I give them the album is to expect it to be a pretty big fat pop record, because that’s something that stands out here,” says Sims. “We’re not avant garde, we’re not trying to weird you out.”

It’s clear from the first track that Little Beirut has built their foundation on a respect for the bands that elevated pop music beyond what’s merely popular. These are songwriters who grew up on college radio listening to REM and the Smiths, and “Fear of Heaven” is filled with gorgeous potential hits devoid of any sense of irony or apology for what they are.

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~ by castleqwayr on October 20, 2010.

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