First Listen: Bryan Ferry, ‘Olympia’

From ‘Out Of The Blue’ through ‘Avalon‘ and beyond, I have been swept away in the saxaphone, guitar, keyboard and occasional blues harp layers of the various members of Roxy Music and Mr. Ferry’s solo work.  There is a depth and passion to this music and vocals that speak of longing and both emotional depths and heights.  The mysterious European flavor of the vocals imbues each song in a mysterious and romantic package.  Employing the considerable talents of Mr. Eno and Manzanera flavors the whole and allows Mr. Ferry to concentrate fully on the swooning lyrics of these mini-epics held together by the at once familiar and heady musical palate.  

Waggish lyrics — “Though the world is my oyster, it’s only a shell full of memories” or “Divine intervention, always my intention so I take my time” — are hallmarks of past Ferry songs. No less trenchant here, his writing on Olympia feels burnished by added poignancy, evident in tracks like “No Reason or Rhyme,” in which he evokes a sly literary allusion in concluding, “No reason or rhyme, no chance or design / Just a dance to the music of time.”

Backed by a muscular yet supple band, driven by bassist Marcus Miller and braced by a trio of singular guitarists, Ferry is joined by a glittering guest list, which includes former Roxy Music bandmates Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera.

From NPR.ORG  Read More and Listen:

~ by castleqwayr on October 19, 2010.

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