Prudence Teacup – Little Songs of Beauty

Soft and gentle reminding one of Rosie Thomas in her innocence.  A fine tunesmith, with many years of wonderworking ahead of her.

Prudence Teacup – The Angel’s Lullaby 

Prudence Teacup – Little Lamb

The Pierces; Cat Power; Nico; Niobe; Fovea Hex; Hearts Of Palm; Kria Brekkan; Beach House; Alela Diane … nothing comes close. . . I love the way the songs last only as long as they have to, many of them just under a minute or so. No Milk-Eyed Mender-ing here. No elephants in the room. Just an art-sprawl full of Laurie Anderson and Eno, complete with a 20-page book full of Mount Eerie-esque visual ruminations on self and society. Never predictable, never static unless the crackle in the background demands it. -Grant Purdum (Tiny Mixed Tapes)

~ by castleqwayr on October 18, 2010.

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