The Lost Dogs – Glory Road


Israelites & Okies – THE LOST DOGS.

Read the Lyrics to Glory Road Here:

Israelites & OkiesDancin’ on the Devil’s ElbowTurn it Around
The Glory RoadAmerica’s Main StreetTraveling Mercies
Dust in My BowlPearl MoonThe World is Against Us
Wicked GunsGoodbye WinslowDesert Flowers
Dead End DinerCarry MeOld Angel

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The Lost Dogs are best known for their beautiful three-part harmony, guitar expertise, and easy, down-to-earth, crowd-pleasing banter that reflects their individual, yet highly complimentary, personalities.

For many years music insiders and critics, along with a steadily growing number of fans all over the world, have recognized The Lost Dogs as individually brilliant singer/songwriters and storytellers in their own right. Possessing a musical skill and style reminiscent of the traditional American roots songs of Oh Brother Where Art Thou, together with a distinctive narrative delivery that can only be described as Lake Woebegone Day meets Hank William meets Jim Carey, over the years each “Dog” has also produced various solo and individual band recordings. Included among the many stylistically diverse projects written and performed by an individual Dog is everything from CBS and Nickelodeon cartoon themes to award winning music created for Steven Spielberg and Dream Works’ very first interactive video game. The guys have also worked with Americana artists Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris and Mary Gothier.

A Lost Dogs performance is at once keenly observational, charmingly eccentric, funny, poignant, and profoundly moving. For years, the Dogs have quietly dazzled the folk/country underground with their unique talents.

Their latest release entitled Old Angel, is being heralded as their best recording to date.

Mike Roe: Lead Guitars, Vocals
Steve Hindalong: Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Terry Taylor: Guitars, Vocals
Derri Daugherty: Guitars, Bass Guitars, Vocals

Management: Linda A. Miller, 541-729-7771

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