Too Many Fireworks – Discovering: Neil Milton


Beautiful sound scape for the existential voyager.  The genre is described as modern classical and post-rock.  I sense an inherent tension as one waiting for the page to turn, yet wary of what must first occur.  Sometimes we sense our destiny and only hope and pray that it is not too late; that the book has not been placed on the shelf once for all.  We are that book.  Though we barely make out the chapter title in the next section—still pages away—we are fearful that this revelation may be what we have waited for all our lives.  This is music to rest the weary, but still grins mischievously behind a veil of dark forest and beckons us to our true path, where we should go, where we have always been.  

Neil Milton – Air (Or The Dragonfly)


Warsaw based Scottish musician Neil Milton – whose music is described as a “snowdrift of ambient soundscapes and haunting, elegant modern-classical compositions” – will bring his Too Many Fireworks record label out of retirement when he releases his debut solo e.p. elements next month. The label, now based online at, will go live on the 4th October 2010. Neil’s e.p. will be accompanied by a full digital back-catalogue re-release including albums by Flying Matchstick Men, Laeto and Titus Gein and a rare album re-issue by electronica artist Germlin.

Between 2003 and 2006, Too Many Fireworks became a well known stable for Scottish indie with its popular fortnightly Fire: Works electrodiscowonkpop club night, and its 7″ vinyl split- single series Dialogues, featuring bands such as Errors, Findo Gask and Macrocosmica.

Neil’s website:
Label website:
Listen to the e.p.:
Buy the e.p:

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