The Tallest Man on Earth – Long Play Concert Download

Swedish singer and guitarist Kristian Matsson is a soft-spoken guy who stands somewhere around five and a half feet tall. But on stage, he’s known as The Tallest Man on Earth, a name he’s earned by giving unforgettable live performances with one of the boldest, most captivating voices around. Currently on tour for his latest album, The Wild Hunt, The Tallest Man On Earth makes a stop in Washington, D.C., for a full concert, recorded live at the 9:30 Club, with an opening set by S. Carey.

Tallest Man Download

Matsson got his start as the lead singer of the Swedish folk-rock band Montezumas in 2006. After the group released one self-titled album, Matsson left the group to begin writing and performing as The Tallest Man on Earth. He released his full-length debut, Shallow Grave, in 2008, and signed with the Deep Oceans label earlier this year for his spectacular follow-up record, The Wild Hunt.

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