Goodriddler – “tickling the tail of the tiger”

Goodriddler – Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Nicholas Philip Sprague-Wolch, who writes and records as Goodriddler, refers to himself as an organic, electronic singer-songwriter, but his compositions explore much more than just the world of song. His new, mostly instrumental album, Tickling The Tail Of The Tiger, is as eerie as it is iridescent. Alternating between glitchy electro-acoustic hybrids and lovely piano lullabies, the music is equal parts enchanting and chilling.

Whether it’s the subtle click of an electric piano, or the rattle of a live drum kit, each song is supported by a rich, percussive backbone.  Live, Goodriddler performs the songs solo, swiveling between drums and keys, occasionally surprising audiences by producing a ukulele or diving into a poignant vocal refrain. The foundation of these songs, though, is the soaring, melodic keyboard work.  From NPR.ORG Second Stage

~ by castleqwayr on October 2, 2010.

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