The Universe – The Universe

From the Universe: All three of us are from the same city, a small town called Falun.  Now we are living in Stockholm and we have played together for about ten years. Before we became known as The Universe we played together as “Iisole”; we had one more member and used vocals.
This band is from Sweden and worth a listen and a download of a track or two.

The Universe – If  The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is A Straight Line

The Universe – Left, By Death

Released 26 July 2010
HJ Danielsen – Drums
Emille de Blanche – Bass
Martin Nilsson – GuitarsAll music written and performed by The Universe
Jonas Wågenberg – cornett, melodica
Erik Grahn – bass clarinettRecorded, mixed and mastered by M Nilsson and The Universe
Sleeve design by E de Blanche
Copyright 2010

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