Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide – Hear See Live Download

Eef Barzelay has released a long string of albums in a wide variety of settings and configurations: He’s been a solo act, sure, but he’s better known as the leader of Clem Snide, a band with a revolving cast of supporting players and a sound that meanders around the outskirts of rock, alt-country and folk to the point where it’s senseless to place it in any category at all. It’s hard to believe that 2000’s soothing art-country masterpiece Your Favorite Music and 2008’s strangely apocalyptic prog-folk gem Hungry Bird are by the same band, until Barzelay’s Kermit-the-Frog croon pops up at the center of each one. NPR.ORG

Read More and Watch Concert:

Eef Barzelay – NPR Tiny Desk Concert

“With Nothing Much To Show Of It”

“Something Beautiful”

“We Are Flowers”


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